I produce, write, and direct. These are the movies, ads, music vids and other motion-sound storytelling that inspire me.

  1. The 30-sec spot for Beach, a Southern Comfort commercial,  is hypnotic

  2. Listening to Ecstasy of Gold reminded me of this great Nike spot from a few years back

  3. Ben Kweller song popped into my head and reminded me of this great trailer - v well cut, good song use, nice sound design overall

  4. All this talk about Facebook’s first commercial reminds me of my favorite Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu spot

  5. spotland:

    SportsCenter - “John Clayton” (Agency: Wieden+Kennedy)

    strong finish

  6. spotland:

    Snickers - “Horseless Headsman” (Agency: BBDO New York)

    seasonal twist on a great Snickers campaign

  7. Beautiful photography reel from Montreal-based @prodleloi

  8. Happy rediscovery. About as perfect as a fan-made music video could be.

  9. Nike - Find Your Greatness - Soccer